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Howdy I'm Ochi, a weirdo internet lizard. I like technology, music, Garfield, and a lot of other things. I also make internet content; Mostly art, comics, and music. Hope u enjoy this website ^ ^

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*Some of my art will include or mention: blood, gore, body horror, eyes, bugs, drugs, gross out type stuff, derealization, vent type stuff, etc I try my best to tag what I can and if I ever forget to tag something important let me know ! I can be kind of careless without realizing and I dont want anyone to be uncomfortable.
*I make posts on my socials about things in my interests list , I will tag these.
*I'm kinda awkward and bad at talking, but if you ever want to talk to me go ahead.
*I have typing quirks and use text faces a lot + my sentences can sometimes be confusing and disorganized.
*I can be unintentionally careless a lot and cant recognize it. if im doing something wrong or harmful let me know !
*I'm not looking for art critique or art advice, please don't give me any unless i ask.
*I like jojo and Lamezone but a lot of the fans of these make me uncomfortable, you can interact but i'm going to be weary of you. No hard feelings.
*The stuff I make is pretty much free to use for whatever as long as it's in a respectful way.

*Nazis, fascist, white supremiscists, racists, pedophiles, lgbtphobic, terfs, truscum, ableists, and generally weird gross people who are similar to these; people that want to oppress and take away rights from minorities or abuse and cause harm to vulnerable ppl and minorities.
*If you support cops in any way
*If you participate in lolcow stuff, or cringe culture.
*If you aren't critical of the media you enjoy / don't think that fiction effects reality.
*If you are weird and gatekeepy about how trans people are supposed to be / identify / present themself / act.
*If you make jokes at the expense of ppl with any disability / mental illness or use any disability / mental illness as an insult.

(You probably get the general idea)

Avoid posting these things around me

*Dont refer to me in past tense (At least before 2020)
*PJ from parappa (Srry)


*Making stuff !! Anything and everything, there's so many different kinds of art : 3 ! Art is cool like that
*CRT TVs and Computers + anything else rlly love those screens
*Old tech stuff in general
*Synth keyboards and drum synths/machines (and other music tech too but I mostly focus on these)
*Webcore, weirdcore, scenecore type shit
*Cassette and VHS tapes ! I collect them !!
*Garfield Merch
*Old anime and cartoons
*Blood, gore, and body horror

*JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
*Serial Experiments Lain
*Possibly in Michigan + Cecelia Condit's other short films
*BFB and Inanimate Insanity

*JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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*Paisley (Lamezone)
*Randal (Ranfren)



10/5/20 | HELLO WORLD
Thought I'd start a public blog diary journal thing for your entertainment !


10/9/20 | Shopping
I was at a store, The entire shop was nearly empty, there were no people and few items on the shelves. The setting was eerie, and felt off, mostly yellow orange colors with dark lighting. The shelves looked more like bookshelves than store shelves.

There were some synth keyboards in one of the isles, and bins full of Garfield stuffed animals. While looking at this stuff the shelves were closing in on me, I wasn't concerned about it.

9/22/27 | Computer Virus
I wanted to show someone something on my laptop, but opened it to find the desktop with littered in random image files of people with their face censored out, each image had 'suicide' in the file name. The background was also changed to one of these images. I recognized this as a virus.

I deleted all of the image files, and the computer background changed to that one windows XP background (y'know the one). For some reason I got up and starting looking through a file cabinet, and was concerned because I found a lot of stuff was missing. (?)

I went back to my laptop and checked out the task manager and there were a ton of random programs I've never heard of running (Most looked like games). I could somehow delete the applications from here. Cool. When I attempted to delete one of them the game opened, so I closed it, but no matter what I did it just kept opening. I reset my computer and quickly wiped all of the suspicious stuff from it.

9/22/20 | Donkey Kong 64 but it's fucked up + weed
I was playing what I thought in the dream was Donkey Kong 64, the game was a 3D platformer and everything was detailed really. . . Weirdly I guess. Everything was dark, and I saw from the perspective of the DK rather than me (if that makes sense). I was in some swamp area and there were aligators and a lot of trees. The game was nothing like DK 64 but my brain thought it was idk.

I also remember smoking weed with a friend in a comfy attic space, to celebrate their birthday. Wild.

9/18/20 | Paper
I was sitting in an alleyway, near a busy street. My hair was made of paper, and I was cutting out paper to make more hair strands. That's it.

9/12/20 | Stalked, also there's a cool dude, and I get tiny ?
I was in my living room with some other people, the room looked different than it does IRL. It seemed larger, emptier, and there was a big window behind the TV that streched along the entire wall. It was night outside and the lights were off, the room was lit by the glow of the TV. There wasn't anything on the TV, it was just a white screen for some reason.
I was sitting on the couch, using my laptop, I was doing something ... ? Maybe it was important lol, I think the screen was also blank like the TV. The other people in the room were talking, I was drowning them out.
I noticed that there were people outside the window just looking in, watching. This obviously freaked me out, I stared at them for a while before actually telling the other people in the room with me.
We all quietly went to another room away from the window. I abandonded my laptop in the living room.
For some reason I went back there to find that my laptop had moved and the charger had been cut. I opened the computer to find that it was locked because someone had tried to get into it, but failed. I was on edge now.
The other half of the computer's charger had led to the door, which was slightly open. I walked over to it. There was a guy on the other side, he burst through, and had a gun pointed at me. He shot it but there were no bullets, instead there were small, glowing, particles. They hit me and it stung really bad.
I ran off and hid in the bathroom.

The next thing I can remember is I was in the living room again, it was day now and I was chilling with this dude, he was making things out of clay.I was having fun just watching him make stuff, it was sweet : )
Then I got rlly small ? - I don't know why, but it was weird seeing stuff at this perspective. The dude then made a tiny clay chair for me to sit in, thoughtful.

9/11/20 | Fish
I opened the fridge to find that it was completely empty except for a pile of fish.

9/8/20 | Water
I was watching a VHS recording of someone in my house doing tests on the water. They found that it had been contaminated. Then the video cut to a pure white room, there was a white table with a bunch of science equipment layed about. A person wearing a hazmat suit walked into frame and stopped behind the table. They began doing a demonstation to show what was wrong with the water, it was thick and had a slight purple tint. They then expained the reason it was like this was because of something that happened in the 60's was finally setting in, and contaminating water in a strange way around the area. The person listed the dangers of drinking the water, and the video ended with a warning.

After watching the video I went to the kitchen sink, got myself a glass of water, and drank it.

9/7/20 | Disease
I don't really remember much from this dream except having a disease in the back of my throat, the flesh had turned grey and felt uncomfortable. I spent a lot of time examining it in the mirror. I also remember browsing the internet.

9/4/20 | crisis egg & I become an angry rabbit
Had a dream that I was making scrambled eggs, there were other ppl with me. The egg was sentient and had curled up, and, went on a tangent about how sad it was, I could somehow understand. The other ppl with me asked me what it was saying and I didn't answer. I kept poking the eggs with a fork.

In another dream I was walking down the street with a stranger, that I felt a deep sense of hatred for. So I let the person know how much I hated them, and kept throwing around angry threats. We continued walking together.
No memories in between- We were in a field now, still walking, I was still upset. In the middle of the field there were a bunch of rabbits in these small cage-like houses, weird little rabbit town. The rabbits were big.
A fox had appeared from seemingly nowhere and attempted to kill the rabbits, but the rabbits faught back-Going for the fox's throat, killing the fox instead. The stranger I was with told me it was my fault that this happened.
Then I became one of the rabbits.