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Howdy I'm Ochi or Dustin. I have terminal interet brainrot, and am a supernatural manifestation lurking the web.

I make internet content; art, music, writing, animations, comics, ectectect ...... everything. xP you can find most of what I've made here on this site !

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*Making stuff !! Anything and everything, there's so many different kinds of art : 3 ! Art is cool like that
*CRT TVs and Computers + anything else rlly love those screens
*Old tech stuff in general
*Synth keyboards and drum synths/machines (and other music tech too but I mostly focus on these)
*Webcore, weirdcore, scenecore type shittttt
*Cassette and VHS tapes ! I collect them !!
*Old anime and cartoons
*Blood, gore, and body horror
*Cheesy retro horror and sci-fi films
*Aliens, the paranormal, conspiracies, religion, and cults
*Energy drinks
*Clowns !!
*HTML and Webdesign
*Science related topics but whatever I'm fixated on always seems to change after a bit
*Grunge aesthetics
*Skating, biking, wandering

The lizard

! ! ! ! !

very epic and cool