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Howdy I'm Dustin, or Corey. I have terminal internet brainrot, and am a supernatural manifestation lurking the web. Evil man and fake scientist.

I make internet content; art, music, writing, animations, comics, ectectect ...... everything. xP you can find most of what I've made here on this site !

*Making stuff !! Anything and everything, there's so many different kinds of art : 3 ! Art is cool like that
*CRT TVs and Computers + anything else rlly love those screens
*Old tech stuff in general
*Synth keyboards and drum synths/machines (and other music tech too but I mostly focus on these)
*Cassette and VHS tapes ! I collect them !!
*Old anime and cartoons
*Blood, gore, and body horror
*Cheesy retro horror and sci-fi films
*Aliens, the paranormal, conspiracies, religion, and cults
*Clowns !!
*HTML and Webdesign
*Science related topics but whatever I'm fixated on always seems to change after a bit
*Grunge aesthetics
*Oingo Boingo [I'm their #1 fan ok]
*Skating, biking, wandering
*Littlest Pet Shop

Project information

* All of my art, music, whatever else is free to use for whatever as long as it's done respectfully !
* Draw my characters however you want . Go crazy and experimental if you want to ^ __ ^ ! However, don't draw NSFW or hateful art of any of my character ever, that's the only rule
* I use a wacom intuous tablet to draw

The applications I use for making art are:

LMMS and audacity for making music
Medibang and ms paint for digital art
Fire Alpaca, Macromedia Flash 8, and windows movie maker for animation
Blender for 3D models

very epic and cool sites