She/her they/them

Oldest known cat that is currently alive.

She found Sunflower and taught them pretty much everything, including language.

Her and Sunflower spent a long time traveling until they met the group of cats now known as Alleyes.

Before the corruption of the group she left with Hydrangea, and went as far away as she could possibly go. She felt betrayed by Sunflower.

Her and Hydrangea retreated to the desert and have been living a calm life there since. There aren't many cats there, but what few cats there are, usually aren't influenced by Alleyes, or even know of Alleyes' existence.

She felt safe here until she was murdered. Possibly by one of alleyes soldiers. The murder was seen by Cloakcat; who had revived Lily shortly after The Murderer had fled.

Lily's memory had been completely wiped after the revival,except some basic knowledge, like language. Cloakcat gave her a small portable computer device he had on hand, and told her to keep logs on it. To help her keep track of new information, and any memories she was able to obtain.

Lost in this new world she was determined to learn as much as she could about everything. As of now she was clueless.

She ended up coming across this large abandoned building, full of technology, technology that was similar to the portable computer she had. She became obsessed. She spent all of her time learning how these devices worked

Over decades she eventually built a large device she calls the server. She built it to help regain her memories. And gain insight on what's going on in the world. The server collects psychic energy, and projections, and converts these energies into a video format. It isn't always reliable but it does its job.

The videos are recorded onto discs, Lily has collected thousands of these. And made thousands of logs on what she has seen from these videos.

The videos can be anything from her own memories, other cats' memories, things that are happening currently, or totally made up situations. Sometimes the videos are influenced by the emotions of cats.

Lily's still working on the server, trying to improve it whenever she is able to.

She doesn’t leave her current home often because it's dangerous for her.

Lilys best friend is hydrangea, she uses it like a horse. It also helps hunt for food and find computer parts.

After watching these memories, Lily forgives Sunflower, and hopes to reconnect with her again someday.

She has somewhat of a short temper and can get frustrated easily. She also has a hard time with any understanding emotion from a view of empathy, she tends to think more anylitically than emotionally, this doesn't make her cold or uncaring.

Her favorite foods are eggs and cereal.