One of the few "mistakes" that left the factory. He was created with no eyes, but still was somehow conscious and had a sense of life. Before he could be destroyed he escaped to an island and called it mango island.

He managed to learn a lot probably from the help of another creature.

He spent a lot of time building and reviving cats using eyes that washed up on shore and materials around mango island. He valued life a lot and didnt want any more yellow cats to be tricked by Alleyes.

He revived Sunflower for the third time. And they worked together, Sunflower was his closest friend.

He was acquaintances with Oneeye, Twoeyes, and Threeeyes but the relationship was built off of Oneeye wanting to get information out of him, and to make killing him and Sunflower easier. Noeyes had believed that Oneeye wanted to help in the effort to defeat Alleyes, but it was a lie.

Noeyes kept many journals, they are hidden underground. He was also very interested in philosophy.

Not much is known about Noeyes, he was very secretive during his life.