Pronouns: It/its or any pronouns
Gender: Agender
Species: Angel
Age: ???
Height: 3'1

A childish angel taking the form of a strange creature. it ran away from heaven and found Earth. For a while it was wandering until it found comfort in the city, where it scavenged garbage cans for food and chilled with cats, and also got in fights with those same cats. it was living this way for about a year before Four found it hurting in an alleyway.
Now Tigertail lives with Four and Fern.
Tigertail is very odd but despite that it's generally seen as a cat by everyone, except The Doctor.
It loves off brand cherry soda, meat, and soup.
It has two rows of teeth and is probably a dangerous creature, but it's too scared of everything else to hurt anyone.
Before coming to Earth it was living in a bad situation, and was hurting.
It's form can change shape, but it usually remains normal looking, sometimes showing their wings and halo. Though when overwhelmed it has a hard time controling it's form, making them appear scary.
It can't talk but will make noises
It loves playing piano, and can spend hours on it
They love to cause chaos and have fun, as long as no one it cares about is getting hurt.
Somehow it seems to just inheritely know things .....