I had woken up underneath a tree by a tall dark blue creature with a white striped neck and tail. The creature filled me with a distinct fear I'm not sure why. It showed itself to be kind though.

When I awoke, as far as I was concerned that was where my existence began. No previous memories, no questions, I din't really think about it, why would I.

Not long after I saw a cat, tall, wearing a cloak that covered their face, though four eyes were visable. A mysterious cat. . .

They told me that I had died, my eyes remained safe, but due to me dying the eyes had been reset. What does this mean ? All of my memories, and much of the knowledge I've gained was completely wiped, it's gone.

This cat, I'll call them cloakcat. They told me that when they were resting on a treebranch they had witnissed my murder. By the hands of another cat, before my muderer could destroy my eyes completely though, Cloakcat jumped in and stopped them, and rescued my eyes. Then quickly fled to a safe area.

Cloakcat made me a new body, and revived me. Very kind.

They said that they think the cat murdered me because the tall blue creature was following me around. The creature is something called a "Machine", they come in various forms, and are hated and feared amonst cats. This is what Cloakcat told me.

Why are they hated ? This one is kind. . . . "They kill cats"

"This one isn't killing us though. . ."

" . . . Yeah. . ."

Cloakcat didn't really have any answers to the question aside from this. Why do cats think this ? Is this what the majority of cats think about Machines ?

Cloakcat gave me this device that I'm writing on now, a portable computer. It's small and can fold up, fit's perfectly in my bag. Cloakcat told me to use it to keep logs on stuff, to help me remember and keep track of information while I recover. That's all the cat could really do to help me, he had no idea who I was.

I left soon after and set off with the Machine that was with me. I'm calling it Hydrangea now. . .

I don't know what else to write. . .

Maybe some personal thoughts ?

I guess learning that I've lived a life before this, with these same eyes, and not being able to remember is distressing. . . I don't know anything about me, not my name, my age, what I've been through, or even my face.