Model Zork | KLUNG BORP

Prince | Backtrax 1999 + Little Red Corvette

Ada Rook | 2,020 Knives

Bubblegum Octopus | A Perfect Life & Other Stuff

Nuclear Bubble Wrap | Psycho Delicacy

Lemon Demon | I am Become Christmas

Sharpless | The One I Wanted To Be

Delores Galore | New Growth

Blotchouts | Leonora Guards the Egg

Katie Dey | mydata

Model Zork | Oba Gooba of Gork Nork

AJJ | Good Luck Everybody

Lemon Demon | Spirit Phone

David Liebe Hart | For Everyone

Christelle Bofale | Swim Team

Was (Not Was) | What Up, Dog

Various Artists | Needlejuice

Fine Young Cannibals | The Raw & The Cooked

Prince and the Revolution | Purple Rain

Blotchy Condos 2 | "Cleans"

Glass Beach | the first glass beach album

The Garden | haha

Of Montreal | White is Relic / Irrealis Mood

The Scary Jokes | Purm Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide to Romance

HEART | Bad Animals


Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch | Music For the People

Lemon Demon | View Monster

Katie Dey | solipsisters

The Garden | Kiss my Super Bowl Ring

Prince | 1999

U2 | Zooropa

King Guzzard and the Lizard Wizard | Polygondwanaland

Model Zork | Zongx

Lemon Demon | Nature Tapes

AJJ | can't maintain

Grog Organ | Fir Clemt

Prince | The Verssace Experience: Prelude 2 Gold

Of Montreal | Ur Fun

Garfield | Am I Cool or What?

Blotchouts | WARSAW

Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club | Goodbye, my 4-track

Blotchouts | Punky Bad Gurlz Club

Prince and the Revolution | Around the World In A Day

Eldren | Welcome to Deathville

Prince and the Revolution | Parade

Of Montral | Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer

Dama Scout | Dama Scout EP

EMF | Schubert Dip