Garfield is one of my favorite things, I'm not entirely sure why but, I love the series and this funky cat B )
My favorite depiction of Garfield is from the 80's 6 _ 6
This is a web shrine dedicated to Garfield !


All of them ! Their names from left to right are:
Beeg Party Geef, Fatty Small, Clownster Odie, Clownin' Garfield, Long Tail, Suasage, Funny man, A Lovely Boy, Bastard, Gothfield, Cute Odie, Trans Garfield, Biker Dad

There's something so perfect and charming about vintage Garfield merch, nothing else can compare to it!

A bong Garf enamel pin I got from my friend Sam B ) would Garfield smoke weed ? Probably. He's the kinda cat that lives on the edge and never gives a damn. Stoner Garfield 2020

These are all of my VHS tapes featuring the man himself ! Of course my favorites out of these are Garfield his 9 Lives and Garfield on the Town.

Garfield his 9 lives

Garfield: his 9 lives starts with God creating the perfect animal; the cat. The film then goes on to showcase each of Garfield's many unique lives.
The first two lives are kinda wacked (The trope of ancient peoples being stupid and barbaric is seriously weird and annoying, give them more credit !) but it gets a lot better after that. Life 1 Garfield was a caveman, and in life 2 Garfield was the pet of an egyptian ruler.
The third life is childish and fun in a candy land like world, this is where each life starts to become more stylistic.
Life 4 is in a UPA art style. Garfield is a blue cat belonging to a pianist, if the pianist can't make a good song for the king he gets guillotined ! Garfield in this is a musical genius though and saves him. there's also a threatening jester.
Life 5 is in a sketchy black and white style, Garfield dies immediately on the set of a studio.
Life 6 is in a storybook-like style, about a woman who was a pianist for most of her life, telling a story about her and her old cat, Diana (Garfield). This one is really heartfelt, sad, and sweet.
Life 7 is in the style similar to a Don Bluth film, which definitely fits the story. In this garfield is a young cat that's a lab experiment, he ends up attacking the scientists escaping the lab. He's now on the run from a search party. The experiment was however a success (?) Whatever the scientists had injected him with led him to transform into one of the dogs and he was able to blend in with the search dogs. This one is really cool and unexpected.
Life 8, this is where we are now ! It starts with Garfield's early life in the Italian restaurant. The owner of the restaurant gets fed up with him in the 5 minutes he's been alive and brings him to a pet shop, where Jon adopts him. Later Jon adopts Odie (Why did Lyman have to be retconned out?? that was the worst mistake in the series). Life 9. SPACE CAT. It's sci-fi, in this, Garfield is another experiment, this time to see what a cat's survival instincts are in space, on their final life (Very specific). He notices that he's kinda taken all of his other lives for granted. He gets in a space battle and dies.
And at the end Garfield and Odie, finally meets God. Garfield convinces God that this is actually his first life (Because the computers broke and God wasn't able to keep track LOL) and that Odie was also a cat. Both Garfield and Odie were able to cheat the system and get 9 more lives ! Also at the end god is shown to also be a cat
I wonder what other lives Garfield has lived, could the live action Garfield be considered part of this ? It really makes you think. And that's probably why I love this so much it just gives so much to what Garfield is as a series for the genuine fans out here. It's great and I can't recommend it enough !!!

Garfield on the Town

Garfield on the Town is about Garfield getting lost after falling out of the car on a trip to the vet. He wanders around the town, encounters some cool baddy greaser cats who give him trouble. After Garfield escapes a fight from the greaser cats, he eventually accidentally finds his mom who he hasn't seen since a kitten, and meets his large family ! Who are living in an abandoned Italian restaurant, it's sweet : )
But the restaurant cats and greaser cats end up getting into a huge quarrel because of Garfield. After the fight Garfield leaves, and returns back to wandering. He's feeling really bad, lonely, rejected, and having suicidal ideation which is kinda... Heavy for a children's TV special. Garfield was able to reunite with Jon though so it's alright !! : )
This one is super nostalgic because I had it on VHS as a kid and remember watching it so much.

Garfield in Paradise

The worst one out of these is Garfield in paradise; the Hawaiin special, it has racism in it : / (who would've guessed). Jon goes on vacation and brings Garfield (disguised as a young child) and Odie (in a suitcase) along for the trip. Things are going terribly but in the end Jon and Garf save the day and get the girls of their dreams. It's. So. Boring. and predictable .


The rest are alright, what you'd expect from Garfield. maybe I'll also do short synopsis of those too later........

A cassette tape of the Garfield dedicated album "Am I Cool or What ?' Garfield albums always have cool in the title and they're right he's rad
The album is slow jazz music about Garfield, it's fun and enjoyable check it out, also along with this check out the eurodance Garfield album "Keep Cool, Cat"



I think it's a fucking crime they haven't brought this bastard back. He has only one appearence in the series, the film Garfield on the Town. He doesn't even have a propper name.
I just think the idea of Garfield having a cool baddy rival that leads a street gang would be pretty cool if expanded on it ! Like there's probably so much they could do with this concept !!!! and I think their dynamic could be really cool.
The Garf and Odie rivalry has nothin on this.

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