TW : Derealiztion / Depersonalization, blood, gore , weird , gross , disturbing warning for almost all of these Ig and any other warning you can think of tbh, these are all very unfiltered experiences.
I like to keep EVERYTHING I dream written down regardless of if its uninteresting because I've found it helps me keep a better connection to dreaming, and my own personal reality ^ __ ^ , and I feel like it's generally important for me to do this. So yea, proceed with caution and,,, enjoy ?? Ig.

7/14/21 | Eggs
I had found a bunch of eggs, there was an odd large egg of the bunch, I had picked it up to look at it and ended up dropping it. Blood went everywhere and I got worried. I went to pick it up and found a, luckily, alive kitten underneath the eggshell. I didn't know what to do with the kitten so I gave it to a family of ducks who'd take care of it.

7/13/21 | Bridge
A;; I can remember is crossing a bridge that was really fucked up, I was nervous to cross. There was nothing on the side I started on nor the other side. Below the bridge was a bunch of abstract scenery, and it was moving fast, as if I was watching from a car or something if that makes sense.

-A warning this one was grotesque, graphic description of an infection.
I was picking at a scab on my foot, and it was gradiually forming into a huge infected wound, with puss coming out from it and everything, I didn't know how that happened. It didn't hurt at all so I wasn't squeamish about poking and prying at it to get the infection shit out. I tried my best to clean the wounnd but it wouldn't clean, it just kept getting worse.

7/10/21 | Computer game virus
I was using an older computer, at my old apartment. I had turned something off in the settings and it started forcibly downloading windows xp games. I panicked and started deleting what I could but I couldn't keep up with it. I had looked at a laptop I had nearby and the same exact thing was happening on it to. I was freaking out then I realized how ridiculous the situation was and woke up.

7/7/21 | Berry's Attic I had a dream I was at a dude's house, his name was Berry, a larger dude with bug-like characteristics. The house was somewhat coherent, an older looking house that was pretty messy but not nearly as bad as my house, I don't mind.
His two cats kept talking to me and wanted to show me something in the attic but they made a point Berry could not find out about me snooping. I don't remember much other than attempting to get into the attic and having a difficult time.

7/1/21 | the people you meet
I was on a bus, the interior looked like a weird mix between what you'd expect for public transit, and a school bus. In the seat ahead of me there we 3 witches, all sporting dark clothes and purple hair, 1 of them was turned around, talking to me about movies, and how she wanted to be a director, she showed me a VHS camera she had with her.
Later I was walking around an empty parking lot with someone, the scene around us felt really nostalgic. The woman that was walking with me talked about how she was actually two people inhabiting one body, also explaining she somehow had 2 sets of most organs. I didn't say much about it but I thought it was interesting. She kept talking, she eventually asked if I wanted to see something cool, I agreed. She lifted her shirt half way and showed that there was a hole through her mid section, with wires and other mechanics poking in and out of her skin. (I hope that makes sense I'm not sure how else to describe it through words). She was pretty cool to talk with : ]

6/20/21 | warped
One of those annoying dreams I kept waking up from, anytime I would start to dream it felt like my body was warping and deforming like some kinda jello / slime, which kept waking me up.

6/29/21 | driving driving driving
The sky was dark and it was winter, me and some dude were driving somewhere, he was chill, he was talking about music and his own music carreer. It was pretty peaceful, we eventually made it back to an apartment that looked like the one I used to live in when I was really young. We hung out, watched TV and talked. : ]

6/28/21 | Super Smash Bros and other stuff
I was playing Super Smash Bros with some friends, the only stage we played on was one of a kitchen stove. This one dude kept picking odd characters to play as like Jesus Christ, and Giorno Giovana.
At one poing in the dream I remember being on a train, also some kinda tree fort with a TV and a bunch of VHS tapes, it was comfy.

6/27/21 | slime crimes
In a discord server I suddenly had permissions to change and edit anything in the server. So I decided to do a little trolling. I made a new channel simply called "#slime-cube" and the entire server went nuts. Ppl kept spamming weirdly realistic gross cubes made of slime, other ppl were extremely upset by the existence of the #slime-cube channel. I was promply banned from not only the server, but the entire internet for my slime crimes. I thought it was the funniest shit ever.

6/26/21 | So sick of these rainy days -- weirdly prophetic dreaming
I was chilling in a basement playing old video games. This basement looked nothing like the gross rocky Michigan cellar we have irl, instead it looked more like a comfy small living room, with a couch, tv, and everything.
My brother entered the basement, and we talked about Sonic the Hedgehog for a bit while I was playing videogames, it was chill. I mentioned that I was super sick of the rainy weather we've been having all week.
It was storming particularly bad as we were speaking, looking out the small basement windows I had noticed a few flashes of lightening before the sound of wind became heavy, there was a huge flash, the basement windows shattered, cartoonish gusts of wind broke through the small windows and filled the room before everything went black. Brain came to the conclusion that this was a tornado
There were short moments when I could see, I was stuck inside of the twister, but it kept going blank again. It felt weird but not as terrible as I expected. Kinda disturbing dream.
Funny enough today, right after having this dream, we went under tornado watch where I live, several sirens went off and everything, legitimately scary. The brunt of the storm missed this city though and things were okay. ^ __ ^. The fucking cellar though, grossest place to sit in for nearly an hour the water from outside was seeping into the basement, making the dirt floor muddy, there was a tarp on the ground though so it wasn't as terrible as it could've been. Saw a damn huge spider in there. Fun times.
For real though I really hope the rainy weather ends soon this is causing me more anxiety than I need lol, until then I will continue to be worried about what tomorrow will bring.

6/24/21 | long day
This dream is pretty scattered and I only remember a few parts of it.
I was inside of some private all girls school, everything in that building looked unreal and expensive. Scary. I met two other transmen while I was there and it made me feel so much less isolated. One of them was the edgy otaku type and kept pushing bounderies with me, which made me pretty uncomfortable.
The next portion of the dream I was walking around town with my mom, everything looked way different, almost cartoonish, and there were completely different buildings there, instead of what I'm used to, so it was really disorienting. We were trying to find some restaurant or something, but were never able to find it.
I went into this small building, the inside of it though was a huge whole-ass mall. I was shocked. I don't remember looking around much before finding myself in some second-hand store. While exploring the shop I found a ton of odd and cool LPS, I was weirdly transfixed with these things because they looked familiar yet really off but I couldn't tell why and it was really tripping me out. I ended up shoplifting all of the LPS they had there . I don't have morals.
Another gap in memory, and I find myself in a parking lot, some old lady wants me to drive her and her young grandson somewhere. What a weird thing to request from a stranger. I comply though, knowing I've never drove a car and I don't even know how to drive one in the first place.
The old lady showed me the way to her car, it was an odd mix between a van and a truck. I got in, managed to pull it outa of the parking space and drive off. It surprisingly wasn't so bad. No idea where this lady wanted me to drive her and her grandson to.

6/22/21 | This one is barely a dream
I kept waking in and out of this dream. I think it was about Infinity Train but I can't remember anything from it.
For whatever reason I thought uncomfortbly waking in and out of the dream several times, meant I was getting some higher psychic connections, because some weird shit was starting to happening each time I did this. Can't remember the details of this though which is super dissapointing.
Yeahh it doesn't make much sense and is probably bad for ur brain to do this actually lol. Idk why I get weird ideas like this when I'm asleep.

6/22/21 | School
It was night, my friend and I were walking around what looked like a school building. We headed up a long flight of stairs, as we were going up I noticed there was a shadowy, grotesque looking monster sitting at the bottom of the stairway, reaching it's long, purple and white striped arms out at my friend and I. We ran up the rest of the way to the door at the top, and went inside.
The room we were in now, looked a bit like the old youth group I used to go too. There were people passed out all over the room, and it was a mess.
The only other thing I can remember is, it was daylight now and I was walking around the school, trying to find a specific area within the building. During this search I witnessed a lad assaulting teachers and students with canned foods.

6/11/21 | Fridge captive
I had been walking around some snowy mountainous area, there were six identical small wooden cabins, all aligned evenly in 2 rows of 3.
Not sure what happened but I ended up stuck inside of a refrigerator, the only thing inside the fridge was a bar of soap. While in the fridge I was thinking "This isn't the worst situation I've been in tbh".
I also remember walking along a bridge with some other people, and seeing monkeys below the bridge.

6/10/21| Coolest game ever
My friends were watching me play a game over vc. The game was a mix between Metal Gear Solid and Sonic Adventure 2. I remember taking care of chao in one of the mgs1 areas, as Solid Snake. It was the coolest shit ever, and I wish it was real now lol.

6/9/21 | Rat world rat world
I was a rat in a large tank full of water, the tank was a whole rat underwater rat city. There were several other rats in there, and we could all communicate telepathically.
Occassionally I had to go to the surface for air, but it wasn't something I had to do too often.
I was collecting a bunch of cool strange objects I found around, but unfortunately I ended up losing all my cool finds : (

6/9/21 | Moving day !
I had a dream my family moved and I got to eat this weird frozen mochi stuff in the shape of a donut ..... It was good.

6/8/21 | Death dream again
While sleeping I thought I had died. It was very realistic. I was nothingness, and a ton of weird shit happened. I was trying to sort shit out mentally but everything was just kinda. Weird. Sorry this one is really hard to describe I don't have the words.

6/8/21 | A weird week huh
A friend and I were hanging around my house, everything was really strange though, and empty. My house was the only one I could see and it was surrounded by a street on all ends. For some reason the outdoors didn't feel.... Open I guess, hard to describe. Beyond the street was a field, my friend and I went over there to explore it.
There we found a creature that looked like a mix between a horse and Alf, some random dude that was also there, explained that it was a rare marsupial species. Okay cool.
My friend and I ended up riding the creature like a horse, into some neighborhood. There was a festival going on, with a parade ! We managed to worm our way into the parade, and hijacked it lol. We rode our weird, ungodly, Alf horse marsupial along with the parade. It was so much fun. There wasn't a single person watching the parade go by.
Festival music seemed to play, and confetti fell from the sky.
The next thing I remember is it being dawn, I was now at school. That nostalgic, first day of school vibes hit me hard. The school also felt and looked really old, like this one Christian school I was forced to go to as a kid lol.
I found myself in a math classroom, the class was spent with introductions and picking out seats for the trimester. My friend was also in this class, I was surprised because I didn't think he lived nearby.
We chose a seat next to each other and just talked about random things with this dude across from us the entire class period, and made plans to hang out after school.
the next thing I remember is being on a bus, it was night outside, and the bus was completely empty, including the driver, but the bus still seemed to be driving. It was lonely but peaceful.
The bus stopped at the corner of a road, and I exited the bus. I walked along the sidewalk, heading home.
For some reason I had been hanging around in a pile of trash, it was all old appliences and shit. I was found in the pile of junk by some dude, he wondered if I was alright, then we went back and hung out in his garage with 2 other girls. One of the women there was really cool and funny, she was punk as hell with black and red hair and a fuck ton of peircings.
We were having a great time, talking about random funny shit, drinking, and smoking, it was surprisingly comfy.
The next thing I remember is standing in a grassy feild, next to the school. It was daylight out now. I don't remember the events that happened inbetween, but something happened and now me and some other dude had to escape some dire situation we were in, but our car had blown the fuck up. We were alright, but now were stranded in a field with no way of getting home.

6/4/21 | Mysterious paper, and paper mario in smash bros ig
My childhood friend and I were playing some game, we were trying to find something important. I'm not really sure what exactly.
I went into a public bathroom and found a piece of paper with instructions on it, my friend was confused but whatever was written on the paper was really really important. So important that I felt like I had to leak it online somewhere for public saftey reasons, really bizarre.
The next thing I remember is being in a hallway, flooded with water. At this point the line between this being a game and "reality" was kinda blurring. I had fallen down somewhere ?? Submerged in water now.
The next thing I remember is watching Super Smash Bros gameplay, the dude in the video was playing as Paper Mario. At this point I realized I was dreaming, but the dream didn't stop here.
Focuss remained on the video, in the background of the stage was a valcano next to a beach, the entire stage was valcano themed, and full of lava. This part is really strange, but Paper Mario had fallen off of a cliff, but instead of instantly dying he kept falling, the camera followed him. For some fucking reason Paper Mario turned into a log of wood with a cartoon face drawn on it, then a boat. ????????? Cool ig

6/3/21 | Unprepared X __ X
I was at some church theater for some kind of show, I was supposed to be performing in this show. There was one problem though I didn't have the costume or anything I needed for my portion of the performance. I started panicking trying to find where I had left my stuff because I thought I had it with me.
I wound up in a barn ( ? ) the floor covered in hay, with several balls of yarn thrown around on the floor, I thought I had left my stuff in this barn, but I couldn't find them.
Eventually I heard a detached voice infomring me I was up next to perform, I got really worried and confused because I thought my performance wasn't until the end of the show. Now I was panicking even more than I was already !! Totally unprepared for this shit !!

5/31/21 | Sonic prison world game
My friends and I were playing a sonic game, and voice chatting. It started as a linier 2D platformer type game similar to the classic games but using modern Sonic. I was destroying boxes and shit, inside one of the boxes I found a piece of paper with a location written on it, so I went to find this location, I kept trying to get my friends to help me find it but they were interested in doing other stuff in game.
I found the location and was teleported into a 3D open world environment. Everything was now dark, gloomy, and the whole area seemed swampy. Similar to the White Jungle location in Sonic Adventure 2, except more realistic. There was a huge prison-like building nearby, made up of wooden planks and cages, the cages had imprisoned animals and humans in them. Kinda fucked up. I was trying to figure out how to free the caged creatured, so I went inside the weird prison structure, and everything seemed more complex inside than it did on the outside.

5/28/21 | radioactive licorice - confessing your sins in a card game.
I biked to a building that looked like a movie theater, I had made plans to meet up with someone to work on an art project with, or something.
At the theater's concession stand they gave me licorice, for no reason.
The next thing I remember is being in a board meeting room, there were a few other people in there with me, I didn't recognize any of them. They were all kinda just messing around and talking, while I was seated at the table chewing on the licorice I had with me. The licorice was really sugary and off-putting.
I was looking around the room, observing shit. I had noticed a cieling tile was missing in the corner right next to me. As soon as I stared at it, packs of licorice started falling out of the ceiling void. It was very bizarre. I couldn't look away, I just kept staring in disgust, for some reason it was super repulsive to me lol.
The licorice packages all claimed to have really weird and unheard of flavors. Everyone in the room was hyped though, free mysterious ceiling licorice hell yeah.
Before ditching the board room I managed to stuff a few packs of licorice into my bag.
After leaving I wasn't sure where I was, so I looked around for an exit, but some dude kept stopping me and bothering me because I wasn't supposed to be there. He said he also knew that I was the one that caused the licorice to fall out of the ceiling in the board room. He also told me that the people who ate the licorice began to have symptoms of radiation poisoning and it was all my fault, and I was going to be in a lotttt of trouble.
I was really not up to listening to this dude, I told the dude I had nothing to do with the weird radioactive licorice. He got angry at me, and said it was all my fault because I was the only one who had purchased licorice today from the theater (even though I didn't ? ).
Out of nowhere the dude then challenged me to a game of dominos, that was also a card game.
The next thing I knew we were in a small room, with a dim light seated at a table, he was across from me. The dude had a small box with him, he dumped out the contents of the box, it was full of dominos.
He explained the rules, the game seemed to be structured like a card game. You're given a handful of dominos, you place them down, and draw. Basic card game stuff.
As we kept playing the game slowly started to change into something else. The dominos had changed into small wooden slabs with text on them. They were all questions along the lines of "What would you do in ____ situation" , a question and answers game I suppose. Every question card was based on situations that I've regretted in my real life, and the game made me feel like garbage. The dude wouldn't let me leave though until one of us won. I don't remember anything after this.
I also vaguely remember walking along a ocean shore.

5/26/21 | Super market
I was exploring a supermarket, with only 12$ to spend/ I was there to pick up some food, but none of the food in the supermarket looked appetizing. So instead I just looked around to see if I could find any strange products.
For some reason I found a huge isle of backpacks.... They were all sock monkey and pikachu themed . Every single one of them. Overhead there was a sign that said "SCHOOL !"
Another isle had nothing but strange, expensive fruit in gummy form. Any fruit you could think of.
As I was walking around an employee recognized me and started a conversation with me. I had no idea who this person was but they knew me. I didn't say anything just kinda listened to her talk about work. She was annoyed because someone had taken pop cans from out of the boxes and placed them neatly along the floor of one of the isles, and she was going to have to clean it up.
Some other dude working there eventually stopped and joined the conversation, I think it was Gupi ?? Pretty odd.

5/24/21 | Epic laundry fail
The dryer exploded while I was doing laundry, I saw a flash and was thinking " well, I'm fucked" but I ended up fine, I fled the house because a fire had started, and told everyone else to get out.
When we were out the house looked totally wrecked, except for the garage, my brother was sitting on the garage roof for some reason.
I went into the garage and it looked way different, like a restaurant without the tables. I had found my neighbor had been living in there with his dog, he was aware of what had happened to the house.
The garage was really cozy.
I left throgh a door that lead back to the house and was now back inside the laundry room, everything was fine except a still smoldering peice of fabric where the dryer was, surrounded by the almost cartoonish lookin remains of the explosion.
I was kinda pissed that I couldn't finish my laundry now that the dryer exploded.

Not sure if this is related to the rest of what I dreamed but, I also remember crocheting a sweater : ] . This has inspired me to start making one in person today !

5/23/21 | cool dude
All I can remember is coming across a dude who had the head of a human and a body of a werewolf, poorly sewn on. I was video chatting with him.

5/22/21 | Dream hallucinations I guess
I was in what looked like a combination of my room and the living room, and I was hallucinating really bad. I guess ? For some reason rather than processing what was happening as "weird dream stuff" it processed as "Oh no wait I'm hallucinating" Weird vibes.

5/22/21 | Old man eating cerial
There was an old man, sitting in a recliner eating cerial, watching TV with the lights off.

5/21/21 | Sushiii
I was at the store and all they had was different kinds of sushi. Throughout the wholeass store. That's it, that's the dream.

5/20/21 | haunted nostalgia
I was in a skyscraper apartment building, I only knew because there was a balcony. It was a room on one of the highest floors. I recognized this as my house.
Somehow I was able to walk down a short flight of stairs into a basement. the room looked childish, and reminded me of how the living room of the apartment I lived at as a kid looked like. There were kids toys and stuffed animals thrown about, a TV against the wall, and a couch and chair on the mirroring wall. There was also a plastic slide, and a shelf, and some other stuff you'd find in a living room. the floor was an average light brown carpet. The whole setting was kinda cozy and nostalgic.
I kept hearing disembodies voices in this room, things were definitely off, I wasn't sure if what I was hearing was real or not.
Eventually I got in contact with a ghost, and realized that's what I had been hearing. After a while she appeared, she was a little girl that looked exactly like I did when I was a toddler. It really tripped me out, and I felt kinda sad.
I don't think she even knew she was a ghost ?
I wasn't scared or anything about there being a ghost, I just felt bad that the ghost was a kid.
They seemed kinda anxious so I showed them some cool stuff I could find in the room, like a box of cassettes. I also told her some stories. It was sweet.
I left the basement back up to the room I started at and told my brother that the house is haunted and he believed me. Inside the room there was a kid walking around in circles on the balcony.
My brother and I went down to the basement again and the girl was gone, all of the objects in the room were now changing into different weird distorted masses, and would change shape again after looking away and back at them. It was unsettling. My brother had dissappeared too, so now it was just me, standing alone near the stairs, watching as things got messed up around the room. Something felt really wrong.
That's all I can remember from it.
The entire time I was dreaming I thought I had actually killed myself and this was the end result of it. ? Kinda fucked.

5/19/21 | Weird pizza and god
I was cooking something with my brother and his friends, mostly just hanging out in the kitchen and talking. The sink was full of a bright green sludg, flies were buzzing around it. Grotesque. Even with this we still had to wash the dishes. We ended up finding some way around it though and got everything all clean.
We made a really weird, desaturated colorful pizza in the shape of a square, it looked like it was made of clay or something.
The next thing I remember is walking to an art studio, carrying some small object covered in foil along with me ? No idea what, but for some reason my brain was like "this is a bike" .
I walked into the studio and set the object down.
The studio was poorly lit in warm oranges and yellows, and looked more like a waiting room than an art studio. Instead of people there making art, there was a church group happening. I was thinking that I couldn't be there because I'm a satanist actually. (I'm not IRL .... yet) and because I was in a fucking relationship with the devil, and people would hate me if they knew about any of that.
Before I could leave though, the older lady running the church group session saw me and started talking to me, it was really awkward. She wanted me to help her out with hosting the activities while I was there. I complied, but I felt really weird about it since christianity isn't a faith I follow.
I don't remember much after that besides talking to people about god and art.
When I was leaving, there was a bike in the spot I had placed the object I'd brought with me. A few people were confused about how it got there, and I said I had made it ( ? )/
I biked home and, when I got home I chilled in my room and read something

5/17/21 | Shapeshifter in the wild west
In some urban desert town, like the wild west, I was wondering around as my seamonster fursona (Ochi). The town looked abandoned for the most part, at least at first. I would shortly find that the town wasn't as abandoned as I had thought. A group of people had started following me around, because I was some scary evil seamonster.
It was making me really nervous, so I tried to get away to a place where they couldn't find me. I slipped into a shed, which led further into a house. The whole place was mostly desaturated orange and brown colors, and covered in dust and cobwebs.
In one of the rooms I was surprised to find 2 of my friends. I was a human now, at some point I'd transformed into one I guess. I told my friends what was up and that people were following me around for being a monster, and were probably out for blood.
One of the people from the group opened the door to the room we were in, and wasn't mad, more curious than anything else. So I told them that I wasn't scary or evil, just a seamonster, and he understood. He said he'd try to help me get away from those people. Uh the dude kinda dissappeared altogether after this interaction though lol.
Now the house was huge, and looked more like a factory, it was still really worn down. There was a lot of open space.
The group of people were still on the hunt for me though there were less inside this factory. This one dude was particularly close, we were like, running throughout different buildings, and occassionally outdoors, I remember hiding momentarily behind a har at a carwash.
Eventually, I was in a building, I found a door and quickly went inside, leading to a garage. I quickly shut the door but I couldn't find a lock, I hid out for a second before the dude was able to get the door open. I had hold of the other side of the door, so it was open a sliver.
He kept telling me a bunch of stuff but I don't really remember what. I was somewhat lucid at this point, and for some fucking reason I asked if I could bite him, which got him to shut up. He looked really confused so I reitterated, and now he went from wanting me dead to all shy and quiet, he agreed but said that no one can know about it.
I pulled him inside and yeah... . . . . . Horny intent, it's embarassing. I pinned him against the wall, grabbed his hand and started biting his fingers, I was worried I was biting too hard, I couldn't tell, I eventually moved up to his neck and sucked at it like a goddamn vampire. The closeness of it was...... A lot.
Before things could escalate though I could hear my friends on the other side of the door, they were knocking and sounded worried, because a murder dude had went into the same room I was in. We stopped, exited the garage through the opening and parted ways.
I met up with my friends and they asked me what was up with that, and if I was alright. I told them I was fine and didn't elaborate further. They still had concerns.
We then just kinda walked and talked about whatever, random stuff, the usual. we were no longer in a desert ghost town, but your average suburban area, I remember we walked by an old church and schoolyard. It was really nice scenery.

5/16/21 | Sonic irl
I was making a sonic fursuit, but it also had purple stripes on it, similar to shadow.

5/15/21 | Slice of life
I was at the store with an anthro dog lady, I was browsing around. The dog lady wanted me to find her some special dog hair products. Aside from there being a dog lady, it was a pretty mundane dream.

5/15/21 | flood
I was about to take a shower, the bathroom looked like a dining room, with a table and chairs in the center. The bathroom ended up flooding.

5/14/21 | virus X __ X
My windows XP computer got a really bad virus, I found the file that was causing the issues and tried to delete them, but it made it worse. Windows kept popping up with long threatening texts, so I quickly turned off the PC, and wondered what I was going to do about it.

5/13/21 | Dreaming
Okay I think this was a dream ?
I was floating just above my bed, I could see myself, and it felt like I had woken up. Everything looked really weird, the room was dark, and any visible light was a luminescent glowy blue. Surreal as fuckk. I kept trying to move around, I could kinda pick up my arm, I spent some time looking at my hand. It felt odd.
Eventually I got it in my head that I was dreaming, not only that but I was going to exist in this state forever, because it felt like I had already been there forever.

5/13/21 | Secret internet shenanigans
I was browsing some kind of secret internet, like Tor I guess, but it was under some different name. I was going down several rabbit holes, a lot of the stuff I found was really interesting from what I remember.
While browsing I somehow stumbled upon the intro for a Vermin Haywired cartoon, I was super confused, and got excited because the cartoon was an actual thing that existed ????? Hell yes.
It looked really cool and fun, the intro reminded me of Dexter's Laboratory, even though it was pretty far from it. All I can remember from it was each of the main characters being shown individually as a camera zoomed in on them, with their names, and bright patterned backgrounds. I also remember a lab, and Pen exiting a portal, which I guess is where it reminds me of Dexter's Lab lol. There was also a cool sharp logo with a swirl in it
Super cool find, so I went on a hunt to find an actual full episode, but never found one.

5/12/21 | Cool day at the skate park
I found a bunch of weird interactive, old looking, McDonalds trading cards at the skatepark.

5/12/21 | Anxious at the demon party
I was in a small cave, with a pond that took up most of the space. The lighting was a pretty combination of reds, pinks, purples, and oranges, it was mostly chill.
A party or gathering going on, there were several demons chillin' and having a good time, around and in the pool of water. I was away from it all sitting on a rock elevated a bit from the ground. 3 demon ladies came over to me and starting talking to me, something about them looked really off, and I felt uncomfortable.
They were wondering why I was sitting all by myself away from everything, all sad and lonely lookin', when everyone else was having a great time. They were really encouraging which was sweet of them, but I just didn't feel good at all, everything looked and sounded wrong and not like it was supposed to, which made me super anxious.

5/12/21 | Music !!
I was working on music and realized there that I had finished half of the album I was working on without even knowing it lol. I felt really proud though. I also had a legnthy conversation with someone I hadn't talked to in a while, over discord, it was just about computers.

5/11/21 | ok
I was listening to music while making pizza bagels. I haven't had those in years haha. One of the songs that came on was by Fraxiom but I'd never even heard it before so I was just hyped there was a new frax song. Thx brain but I wish it were real .........
I also remember some discord rando started messaging me, and they were really angry for no discernable reason. they kept calling me the F slur and saying stuff that didn't make much sense, I was mostly confused.

5/5/21 | Computer Room
I found myself in a small room full of computer monitors and a bed in the center of the room, I was laying on the floor with shards of glass sticking out from my 1 of my legs. There was no blood.
There was older lady that was in the room, she kept screaming negative stuff about me, and her son ( ? ), and was fading in and out of existence.
I also remember an opening to some other reality through some crack in the wall, I never went inside, but I peaked through. It was the outdoors, the sky was a light neon pink, and the grass slime green. And it was very cartoonish and empty, an empty space. No clouds, no details, just the sky and grass.
Rad from OK KO was also briefly in this dream, idk how he got into the computer room but he was there for a second. I think he got in through the cracks in the wall or somethn.

5/3/21 | You're at the party
I was hanging out with my friends, and one of them asked if I wanted to go do a party later that day, and I agreed.
The next thing I can remember is getting out of my friend's truck, we had pulled up to a church and walked in. The building was huge and empty, and the intereor design was very pretty. It was kinda dark inside. There were mamy other people around having a good time.
I had slipped away and found a bathroom and locked myself inside. I felt really weird, gross and anxious. I hadn't really noticed what I was wearing until now, but a long pretty sea green blue dress, and dark heels. I've never worn anything like this in person so it was kinda weird, but I was comfortable with it.
I found myself looking in the mirror, I looked much more masculine than I do irl [though I didn't even notice this until I woke up and reflected on the dream lol, was just kinda like 'yeah, that's me' in the dream] . I was attempting to put on an emo look with makeup, but kept messing it up. I was having a lot of trouble moving my hands, it was concerning.
The mirror turned into a computer ( ? ) and I was trying to connect to the internet, but this was unsuccessful.
I hadn't realized how long I'd been in there until I got a video messege from a friend asking where I was and if I was alright.
I left the bathroom and went back out into the party. I don't remember anything else.

5/2/21 | 3D arcade
I was in an arcade, full of people, everything was low-poly 3D models and it looked extremely uncanny to me.
I remember seeing a girl with huge colorful punky hair doing hard drugs out in the open. Despite that I thought she looked cool as fuck haha.
I had been talking to some random dude for a long time, no idea what about.
We ended up playing DDR and... At this point things got kinda weird...... Everyone in the arcade was dancing, and as they were the arcade itself was fading out. So there were just a ton of uncanny 3D models dancing around in a void of colors.

4/25/21 | Dog attack again
I broke into some randos house looking for something, I don't remember what for. I chilled out in the basement for a while. I had assumed the poeple living there wouldn't be home for a while, but shortly would find that wasn't the case.
I exited the basement amd as I was leaving I encountered two people. Whoops.
They were only midlly confused why I has walked out of their basement, I explained I had been there the whole time, and they were okay with this, asking no questions.
Later I left the house and found myself in some field next to a stream of water, then I was attacked by dogs, again. This keeps happening : [

4/25/21 | Party store religion
The Local party store was selling Minecraft themed crucifixes, to promote a Minecraft event. I bought one.

4/24/21 | Movie in an industrial city
I was staying over at a friend's house, in some very industrial, gloomy city. Despite that the atmousphere was really cool. We mostly walked around there were a lot of neat areas we found.
Later we flmed a movie with some dude hlped us with the movie, he had red hair, and looked so dead (figuratively) his make-up was wicked though.
My friend's dad kept getting mad at me.

4/22/21 | I wish
I met my dad, but he was actually Sean Bonnette.

3/16/21 | Heart Horror games
I was playing a horror game. The game was dreary amd everything was lowpoly.
In it you walk around a poorly lit, worn down arcade that also doubles as an interactive playground. There's a mascot, who is a giant realistic heart with an uncanny smile on it's face, that wants you and the other kids in the arcade to participate in some fun activities around the interactive playground arcade thing.
I wanded away from the group, exploration is fun : D ! Outside of the playground arcade the building was mostly empty grey walls and floors
Inside of a small closet I had found a control panel, and a screen on the wall displaying the kids and the heat mascot. Yeahhhh I pressed the buttons on the control panel at random. It was messed up the playground arcade room real bad. I exited the closet and contined exploring.
Suddenly I hear, loudly " WHO'S BEEN MESSING WITH MY GAMES" in the worst silly voice.
and then
Chase ensues
The heart mascot is chasing me fullspeed, I ran up a flight of checkered stairs, that twists and turns and doesn't seem to end. There was a rush of anxiety as the heart mascot was chasing, I forgot I was playing a game in the dream.
The uncanny face on the heart mascot was all fucked and angry
Just before he caught me, I woke up.

3/15/21 | brand new moon
A new moon had entered the Earth's orbit, a lot of people were confusing it for a sun because of it's appearence.
I spent a lot of time studying this new moon.
I was hanging out with someone in my old apartment, we were discussing the new moon, but the person got mad at me.
Also ate a Christmas cookie that tasted like mint, ig it was Christmas again or somethin'

3/5/21 | Cartoons !
I was watching CN, a new show was airing ! It was in a style similar to the old She-Ra cartoon, but much more fluid
The character designs were interesting, iit was cool.
The show itself was a sci-fi superhero show that takes place in space.
There was a scientist lady working on an extremely important project, one that would determine if they liveed through whatever it was they were going through or not.
For some reason I was watching this all on an old CRT in the kitchen sink.

3/5/21 | oh sweet arsonist
A sketchy motherfucker was prowling around my house and trying to set it on fire.
I have no idea why, but I asked the dude what was up, and offered to let him join a party that had been going on in my backyard, and instead of the house, to start a fire in the firepit oh sweet arsonist.
He enjoyed the party and the fire from the firepit, dude called me kind for letting him join the party.
Eventually the backyard party morphed into a small furry convention, I was wearing a fursuit of my seamonster (OCHI).
It was cool for a second before turning into a huge freak disaster, idk what happened but everyone had to evacuate .

3/4/21 | Ambiguous dead thing
I had been around some ambiguous dead animal, and ended up getting a disease from it, I kept denying it but somebody told me they could tell I had the disease from looking at my teeth ( ? )

3/3/21 | OK
Was being eaten alive by something, but I couldn't tell what.

3/3/21 | walking dream ..... Christmas is March : D !
I was sailing for a while it was pitch black out, eventually making it to land, but I don't remember anything that happened inbetween.
The next thing I remember, I was walking in the middle of the street along a large bridge, decorated with colorul lights and strange Christmas decorations, and covered lightly with snow.
There were several other people also walking through the street, they were all wearing dresses. The cars on the street were driving slow and oddly. Some kinda parade was happening.
It was kinda blurry.
The next thing I can remember, I was walking on an empty dirt road surrounded by a dried up feild, with it being dark outside the atmousphere was extremely eerie.
I eventually made it into a township, it was busy. I noticed a girl talking with someone, it escalated into a loud argument, the other person was getting unreasonably angry, and called her some hurtful things before storming off. The girl saw me walk by, and decided to strike a conversation with me, freaked me out lol. She greeted me by my deadname and asked if I recognized her from school. I was really confused because she didn't look like anyone I've ever met before, but I guess my brain wanted to make the scenerio make sense, so I recognized her for some reason and was like "oh yeah ...." .
She told me she was headed up to a party amd asked if I wanted to tag along, I agreed, it sounded fun.
The next thing I remember is that we were inside the front room of a building. The building looked like my grandmas old house.
The room gradually formed into something different the walls were now a dark red, and there was a large foggy window, the room was drab and lights shone through, a peaceful combination.
Yeah it didn't seem like a party at all hahaha
We stood there and talked for a while about whatever.
Since the windows were foggy I drew a bunny in it, the girl with me also drew with me, she drew a cat next to the rabbit I made, and finished it off by drawing a heart over the two creature, it was cute ^ __ ^
She asked me where I came from, and I told her I sailed here.
I don't remember much else, but I had to leave because it was getting late, she told me she'd see me again. (? )
Overall a really peaceful good dreams, good vibes

2/3/21 | Red Sky
I was biking to some park with someone a few towns over and I specifically remmeber going through some long overpass. After leaving the tunnel the person said biking to this park wasn't important and we should leave before it gets bad out. But for some reason it was really urgent to me. The person was right though and the clouds and sky got really dark, the moon and stars were visible and red. It was kinda wacked but pretty. We ended up going to some very small square building.

2/2/21 | Who are you
I could see myself in third person. I was laying in my bed and there was a person besides me talking to me. I don't remember the conversation but I was really pissed off and annoyed and wanted them to leave.

2/1/21 | Youtube
I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a while, and he told me how he had gotten into making youtube videos. We watched all of the videos he made, most of them were skits of him and his friends running around the woods, and skateboarding videos. It was a fun dream.

1/31/21 | Music + Gamestop pop
I had a dream that my music got really popular and people hated it.
I also has a dream that I went to Gamestop with someone and we baught a gross amount of pop. Before leaving the other person I was with was talking to someone else in the parking lot. I put the several cases in the car and joined them. While we were talking with the other people a group of toddlers stole like 2 large boxes of Pepsi and Mountain Dew from the car.
Also something interesting about the setting. The parking lot and Gamestop were the only thing there. The area surrounding it was a weord nothingness.

1/30/21 | Slice of life Gastation Tales
tw // Injury , dog attack , seizure
This dream felt really real, I didn't know I was dreaming.
On the first day (That I can remember of the dream) It was dark out and there was no snow, I was walking to a nearby gas station. I took a different route than I usually do because, I just knew the usual path I took had violent dogs somewhere along it. The trip went well.
The next night my mom wanted me to go with her to the sam gas station, by car. For some reason on the way she pulled into a driveway of a house that had been totally destroyed. I don't know why, but we both opened the doors and were quickly ambushed by a bunch of large dogs, they started attacking us. The barking was really overwhelming. I tried to push the dogs away, and one of them bit down on my leg, and wouldn't let go.
I almost called someone for help but decided against it, I'm not sure why. We were able to push the dogs out and drive out of there though. The only injury was my leg.
Now it was light out, the sky a deep orange. We still went to the gas station, but just to get medical supplies to treat the wound on my leg, it was bloody and gross but didn't hurt at this point and I was able to walk fine. We got back to the car and I cleaned the wound and wrapped it up.
We went back home and I just hung out with my brother's friends. One of them ended up having a seizure, but he was okay.
The next day I met up with a friend I havn't seen in a while, and we hung out for the day. We walked around and talked for a while, eventually the next thing I remember we were at some fancy building, some kinda school. We went into a strange room, and people told us we weren't aloud in there because we didn't go to the school, but we ignored them and did it anyways.
The room was weird, there weren't any distinguishable walls, it was all smooth, like gemstone. It was mixtures of different shades of blues and teal. There was music playing, and it was raining inside the room. My friend and I just sat in there and talked for a while it was chill. We caught up with eachother and I showed her my gnarly leg.
We went back to my house to hang out with my brother and his friends.
Chill dream week.
After the last day there was nothing, and I woke up from the dream totally forgetting I existed in a human body, and was kinda like... Shocked about it (It's a really weird uncomfortable feeling tbh).

1/27/21 | Garfield Cards
Maybe it should be concerning how often I dream about Garfield lmao.
I had a bunch of Garfield trading cards, but they were all the same exact card. So I had hundreds of these cards I didn't even like. I ended up trading them all for a ton of quarters but then I didn't know what I was gonna do with the new abundence of quarters I had.

1/26/21 | Bug Fish !!
I went fishing and instead of fish I was catching abnormally large insects.
Later in the dream I was slightly younger and I had met my dad for the first time and it was really weird.

1/17/21 | Garfield and alcalholism
I was at a second hand store and found a bunch of garfield merch, I didn't have any money though. Then I was at home and decided to drink a ton of liqur I had gotten from someone. My mom got mad at me for it :(

1/15/21 | Cylander grass cabe and a machine that hates me
Tw // Death
I don't remember much from this dream but it was really bizarre.
In this dream I gues I was able to view any point in time any where on Earth from a kinda omniscent perspective.
I was in a grassy tunnel, this was sort of the starting point. the cave was a cylander completely covered in moss and other plant life. Exiting the end of the cave would let me view a new sitation.
I remember one of the places I ended up in was an empty green glassland, a lot of hills and barely any trees, it was really nice out. A lot of cats appeared suddenly, covering the empty land.
The next thing I remember I was back in the tunnel, there was a guy with me. I don't remember what he looked like other than he was wearing a cloak. We talked about stuff that I can't recall.
The setting changed, everything was greyscaled, with a blue tint to it. I was watching from an omniscent perspective. The room was a cluttered living room and a lady was on the couch giving birth. There were a ton of doctors surrounding her. She ended up dying, the doctors tried to bring her back with some weird machine but it didn't work.
After I saw that I was back in the cave, it was kind of shocking. I somehow knew this woman was the cloak dude's mother and all I could say was something like "Damn, I saw your mom die giving birth to you" and we continued talking.
The next vision I had was of bigfoot, still omniscent and greyscale. They were just walking through some trees, the perspective was really strange.
There's a gap in memory but the next thing I can remember I was in what appeared to be a kidergarten classroom. The lights were out, the floor in the pattern of those colorful foam playmats, and the room was completely empty except for a bunch of retro looking computers and machines. The dark room illuminated by the screens.
One of the monitors had a cartoony text face floating around a spacey background on the screen. The face on the screen started talking to me. It was upset that I was there, I wasn't supposed to be there. It was ranting about how I had fucked something up with the machines.
Next thing I know I'm in a space void fac-to-face with the textface dude. I didn't have a body or anything but I was just kinda there. I had a lengthy comversation with them that I can't remember before I woke up.

10/31/2020 | Acid
TW: Drugs
I was with some people in the woods and also in a car and they eventually offered me weird looking Acid, the tabs were like blue and sparkly idk it's blurry .

10/26/2020 | Cat Apartment
I had a dream I was in some apartment building with huge windows, it was night, the lights in the room were off, bright lights from outside shined through the windows . The room was also empty + grossly minimalistic. It was full of cats too. For some reason the dream felt strange and scary

10/9/20 | Shopping
TW : Claustrophobia
I was at a store, The entire shop was nearly empty, there were no people and few items on the shelves. The setting was eerie, and felt off, mostly yellow orange colors with dark lighting. The shelves looked more like bookshelves than store shelves.

There were some synth keyboards in one of the isles, and bins full of Garfield stuffed animals. While looking at this stuff the shelves were closing in on me, I wasn't concerned about it.

9/22/27 | Computer Virus
TW : Computer virus , suicide (word)
I wanted to show someone something on my laptop, but opened it to find the desktop with littered in random image files of people with their face censored out, each image had 'suicide' in the file name. The background was also changed to one of these images. I recognized this as a virus.

I deleted all of the image files, and the computer background changed to that one windows XP background (y'know the one). For some reason I got up and starting looking through a file cabinet, and was concerned because I found a lot of stuff was missing. (?)

I went back to my laptop and checked out the task manager and there were a ton of random programs I've never heard of running (Most looked like games). I could somehow delete the applications from here. Cool. When I attempted to delete one of them the game opened, so I closed it, but no matter what I did it just kept opening. I reset my computer and quickly wiped all of the suspicious stuff from it.

9/22/20 | Donkey Kong 64 but it's fucked up + weed
TW : Drugs
I was playing what I thought in the dream was Donkey Kong 64, the game was a 3D platformer and everything was detailed really. . . Weirdly I guess. Everything was dark, and I saw from the perspective of the DK rather than me (if that makes sense). I was in some swamp area and there were aligators and a lot of trees. The game was nothing like DK 64 but my brain thought it was idk.

I also remember smoking weed with a friend in a comfy attic space, to celebrate their birthday. Wild.

9/18/20 | Paper
I was sitting in an alleyway, near a busy street. My hair was made of paper, and I was cutting out paper to make more hair strands. That's it.

9/12/20 | Stalked, also there's a cool dude, and I get tiny ?
TW: Stalking , Cops , guns
I was in my living room with some other people, the room looked different than it does IRL. It seemed larger, emptier, and there was a big window behind the TV that streched along the entire wall. It was night outside and the lights were off, the room was lit by the glow of the TV. There wasn't anything on the TV, it was just a white screen for some reason.
I was sitting on the couch, using my laptop, I was doing something ... ? Maybe it was important lol, I think the screen was also blank like the TV. The other people in the room were talking, I was drowning them out.
I noticed that there were people outside the window just looking in, watching. They were cops. This obviously freaked me out, I stared at them for a while before actually telling the other people in the room with me.
We all quietly went to another room away from the window. I abandonded my laptop in the living room.
For some reason I went back there to find that my laptop had moved and the charger had been cut. I opened the computer to find that it was locked because someone had tried to get into it, but failed. I was on edge now.
The other half of the computer's charger had led to the door, which was slightly open. I walked over to it. There was a cop on the other side, he burst through, and had a gun pointed at me. He shot it but there were no bullets, instead there were small, glowing, particles. They hit me and it stung really bad.
I ran off and hid in the bathroom.

The next thing I can remember is I was in the living room again, it was day now and I was chilling with this dude, he was making things out of clay.I was having fun just watching him make stuff, it was sweet : )
Then I got rlly small ? - I don't know why, but it was weird seeing stuff at this perspective. The dude then made a tiny clay chair for me to sit in, thoughtful.

9/11/20 | Fish
I opened the fridge to find that it was completely empty except for a pile of fish.

9/8/20 | Water
TW: Contaminated water , hazmat suit ,
I was watching a VHS recording of someone in my house doing tests on the water. They found that it had been contaminated. Then the video cut to a pure white room, there was a white table with a bunch of science equipment layed about. A person wearing a hazmat suit walked into frame and stopped behind the table. They began doing a demonstation to show what was wrong with the water, it was thick and had a slight purple tint. They then expained the reason it was like this was because of something that happened in the 60's was finally setting in, and contaminating water in a strange way around the area. The person listed the dangers of drinking the water, and the video ended with a warning.

After watching the video I went to the kitchen sink, got myself a glass of water, and drank it.

9/7/20 | Disease
TW : Really gross disease
I don't really remember much from this dream except having a disease in the back of my throat, the flesh had turned grey and felt uncomfortable. I spent a lot of time examining it in the mirror. I also remember browsing the internet.

9/4/20 | crisis egg & I become an angry rabbit
Had a dream that I was making scrambled eggs, there were other ppl with me. The egg was sentient and had curled up, and, went on a tangent about how sad it was, I could somehow understand. The other ppl with me asked me what it was saying and I didn't answer. I kept poking the eggs with a fork.

In another dream I was walking down the street with a stranger, that I felt a deep sense of hatred for. So I let the person know how much I hated them, and kept throwing around angry threats. We continued walking together.
No memories in between- We were in a field now, still walking, I was still upset. In the middle of the field there were a bunch of rabbits in these small cage-like houses, weird little rabbit town. The rabbits were big.
A fox had appeared from seemingly nowhere and attempted to kill the rabbits, but the rabbits faught back-Going for the fox's throat, killing the fox instead. The stranger I was with told me it was my fault that this happened.
Then I became one of the rabbits.