something you've never even tasted

Warning: Story has disturbing content, including blood, gore and a lot of dead animals, similar stuff yeah.

I was sitting in the corner, waiting for sunrise because something important was going to happen.

An animal had been lying on my floor, dead, mangled and destroyed, the animal was unrecognizable. Was I the one that did this ? I grabbed the bloody animal with both hands then crawled over to the window, it was open, so I dropped the mess outside of it and watched it fall. While it fell to the ground I wondered what it would be like to fall from a height like this.

The animal never hit the ground, instead it went right through it.

Curious. . . I slipped out of the window and fell, like the animal. The falling felt like an eternity before I finally hit the ground, making a loud buzzing noise, one that I didn't hear with my ears but could still sense. It somehow didn't kill me. I layed there, body twisted and fucked up, for a while. Then, I decided to get up.

"It should be sunrise soon. A few minutes I think"

I looked at the sky, there was an abnormal amount of stars visible, the sky was littered with those bright sparkly specs. It was pretty, but still I wondered why it looked like that.

I began wandering around the empty fields that surround my house. Hours would pass but the sun never rose. The only change was that the amount of stars in the sky were decreasing.

I thought . . .

"Maybe I'm dead, maybe this is what purgatory is."

Now I was watching as each star faded from the sky. What would happen when the final star disappeared ? I needed to know so I waited and watched, patiently.

The stillness made me realize just how cold it was, I didn't notice before.

I left the field and went to my backyard, where there was a firepit. I threw in some wood and tried to start the fire but no matter what I did nothing seemed to work.

"Oh you're so foolish, oh you're so foolish."

A voice from behind me spoke.

I turned around. Nothing.

"Don't you know the only way you can start fire is with this."

> The voice wasn't actually behind me, but above me. The voice belonged to a tall humanoid being; a pure light energy, but it didn't seem to glow. It had four eyes, each a different color. Two sets of bug-like wings that it wasn't even using to stay afloat in the air. And a long lizard-like tail that wrapped itself around the creature's leg, made of several colors I've never seen before.

I didn't say a word, just stared at the admittedly pretty creature above me.

The creature drifted down in an unnatural way to my level. They handed me an object. It was the dead animal from before.

"You use this to start fires you know."

Without question I put the animal into the firepit and lit it. The fire quickly burst into a huge flame, many more colors I've never seen before. It was hypnotizing.

"It's very beautiful"

That's all I could say

The creature let out a strange distorted noise then spoke

"You've never experienced these colors before have you ?"

I shook my head. I didn't understand how I could even see them now.

I glanced up at the sky, it was nearly empty now.

I asked, pointing at the sky.

"What happens when they're all gone ?"

. . .

Only a vague response.

"You'll see. . . It's a surprise."

It wasn't until now that I realized the entire time we have been speaking. . . Telepathically(?). There were no words spoken. No language even. I could just understand what this creature needed to communicate to me and it could understand mne.

I looked back at the fire. It wasn't dying down. I don't think it will be.

"Who are you ?"

I questioned, almost nervously. . . .

. . .

I grin spread across it's face, and on a mouth on it's torso

"I am god."

. . .

"No your not I don't believe you."

The grins remained present.

"How would you know what god is ? You've spent your entire life looking at screens."

. . .

"I don't know. . ."

The creature flew into the air and twisted upside down.

"You're god too you know. We're the same."

"What do you mean ?"

I asked. . .

"All living things are connected, we are all the only existence. Controlling it all, controlling several smaller existences that are usually unaware. We are one thing. We are god. We are lonely and really bored."

. . .

. . .

"You're a liar."

. . .

"Don't accuse me."

"If it's true what are we really ?"

"Don't be ridiculous. No one would know the answer to this. . . Best not to put too much thought into it, because it doesn't matter much at all actually."

"Why'd you tell me then ?"

"You asked."

I looked away from the creature, and again at the remaining stars, then the colorful flames behind me, and back at the creature, but it was gone. In it's place, another unrecognizable, bloody, dead animal, floating in the air. I impulsively grabbed it.

"You're me. . ."

Then chucked it into the fire pit. The flames grew larger, even more colors that I've never experienced flooding my vision. I feel like a fucking mantis shrimp.

The air was full of an unsettling silence, no crickets, or any other noises. Not even a sound of crackling from the fire like you'd expect. The silence hurt my ears. I looked back up at the stars, there was only one left. I watched as it slowly faded.

. . .

I was outside of my body now, I could see it in front of me. It was standing there, and moving on it's own without my input. The flame was gone but my body was still staring in it's direction.

The sun began to rise, making the sky a nice dark purple-pink color. The color of the sky never changed after that, but the sun continued to rise.

Flies began surrounding my body, mold was growing rapidly on my skin too. I couldn't see it but I could also sense disease. And I couldn't do anything about this.

Loud experimental dance music was playing while my body was dying.

My body, still standing, melted into a disgusting pile of rot. There were no bones. Only a pile of rot.

It sunk into the ground, and shortly after a tree and several flowers started growing in the rot's place.

. . .

I noticed the creature from before was staring at me from the field.

. . .

The tree was sprouting some kind of fruit now. . .

It wasn't fruit, just more dead animals.

They fell quickly from the tree to the ground.

A sweet-sour scent filled the air, and the music grew heavier, making me dizzy.

The creature's attention turned to the dead animals that were falling from the tree. They hurriedly crawled from the field over to the dead animals. Hunching over the pile, they began to manically feast on the small dead animals.

"Eat them."

It spoke to me in an autotuned voice.

Oh. I think I might still have a body, maybe it's different now. I floated over to the dead animals and without thinking joined in on the feast.

At this point the music was chaotic. My ears hurt my ears hurt. I ignored it.

The animals tasted so sweet. Like fruit. What kind of fruit ? Something you've never even tasted.


The creature with me spoke, still stuffing it's face with the dead meat.

"I call the dead animals candy"

The animals continued to fall, a bell rung as each one hit the ground, which was now accumulating a puddle of purple blood. We ate and talked for hours.

Until eventually.

"This is amazing but we should leave before the candy attracts any unwanted attention."

I agreed with a simple nod.

The creature manifested a battle ax into existence and began chopping the tree down. With each hit from the ax the tree let out cry.

"Oh how sad"

I said, sincere.

The creature chopped the tree into tiny pieces. And stored the entirety of it, along with the candy, inside of a seemingly infinite bag.

The music ceased, it was silent again.

The sun fell beneath the horizon. Water began rising in drops from the ground. Reverse raining. Croaks of frogs could be heard as they began appearing on the ground and throughout the sky. Many different kinds of frogs.

The creature took my hand in their's, their hand was soft and warm, it felt unreal, the feeling mademe happy. They pulled me into the sky and we drifted along, they were taking me somewhere.

We approached a large orb in the sky, it glowed another new color I've never experienced before. We easily slipped through the orb, as if it were made of jelly. The inside was warm and comforting, a contrast to the cold rain coming from below. Both of us curled up and quickly fell asleep. This is the only comfort I've known.

1,000 years

We haven't woken up since, maybe when the rain ends we will. . . For now I want to enjoy this peace

I don't miss my old life, I never will. . .